This ESC Teams is all about access.


The activities of this ESC Teams will be twofold: there will be hands on manual work as well as project based work.

Together with the volunteering team we are aiming to create a campaign for the Discover EU Inclusion programme, which supports young people aged 18 with fewer opportunities to get hooked for the European project via an accompanied train ride across Europe. With respect to inclusion needs the volunteers support our team in the compilation of a manual for the preparation of young people as well as tutors, who will accompany them.


The hands-on part of this ESC Team is dedicated to make our youth education centre accessible to more young people, for example support us in improvements in our centre such as additional beds, outdoor fitness and entertainment area and so on. We are looking for people who are willing to be creative and use their hands in order to allow more young people to benefit from educational and European programmes.