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EKO – Environmental awareness and climate change in education and work

Sustainable development in the educational process

The project addresses the need to pay more attention to the issue of sustainable development in the educational process. It is mainly about education in professions where the programs do not care much about the global perspective of human-environment-economy. And the state of the great planet Earth depends on the small steps people take and their sensitivity to the resources they have - in every aspect of life.

Scenarios for Teaching Jobs

. The goal of the project is to develop 36 scenarios for apprenticeships in at least 3 industries that incorporate content in a way that shows the relationship between professional activities and environmental and social impacts. The challenge is to prepare educational materials that will be interesting, accessible and encouraging to young people. This is a task for a team of experts from 3 countries who are working together on teaching scenarios for students and the concept of training for teachers and trainers. In the process of improving the quality of education, it is necessary to ensure the completeness and complementarity of actions, especially when it comes to activities aimed at innovation in the long term.

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